Core and Admin Point Engine Web Apps Kiosk Passcode
Core and Admin Point Engine Web Apps Kiosk Passcode
Reminder Engine Reporting Survey Event Coupon API
Reminder Engine Reporting Survey Event Coupon API

Loyalty System

Ture-Loyalty, developed by Palmary Solutions, is a web and social media based loyalty system used by a range of corporates, from consumer products, rewarding channel partner to public sector client. It is now managing more then 2 millions members. Having been developed with the needs of the worldwide community in mind, True-Loyalty is highly flexible and easy to use.

Core and Admin

Core and Admin

  • Customer Management

  • Product Management

  • Bonus Point Management

  • Support Bonus point expiry and cut-off

  • Gift and inventory management

  • Automated gift schedule

  • Redemption handling

  • Customer Transaction Management

  • Access Control

  • Message Template Management

  • Referral Management

  • Member level Management

  • Promotion Rules Management

  • Hotline CS interface

  • Audit Trial


Web / Mobile Apps /
Kiosk Modules

  • Bonus Points and transaction history

  • Gift Catalog and online redemption

  • Member-get-member program

  • Member profile page

  • Promotional content management

  • Social media integration

  • Instant gift redemption
    (Mobile Apps and Kiosk Only)


Reporting Module

  • Graphical and user-friendly reports

  • Export to Excel function

  • Support of filtering functions in reports

  • Member
    - Level distribution and segmentation
    - Demographics
    - Gain/Lost and customer life cycle
    - Top spending

  • Bonus Points
    - Bonus Points summary (registered, used, expired)
    - Expiry summary

  • Redemption
    - Redemption by member level
    - Gift cost

  • Product and sales
    - Sales volume
    - Average purchase amount
    - Top related product


Coupon Module

  • Coupon Campaign Management

  • Select / Import customer for issuing coupons

  • Coupons distribution by email or sms

  • Coupon verification functions

Point Engine

Point Engine

  • Import transaction from POS or systems

  • Calculate points based on individual customer transactions

  • Adjust points according to Marketer promotion rules


Passcode Engine

  • Product Security feature

  • Passcode import/generation

  • Passcode history and management

  • Passcode database and verification

Reminder Engine

Reminder Module

  • Automatic rule based reminder

  • Support Email, SMS, Mobile Apps notification

  • Reminder based on
    - Purchase
    - Point expiry
    - Gift reminder
    - Login
    - Referral

  • Reminder message templates management

  • Scheduled reminders


Survey Module

  • Customizable survey form

  • Automated report generation

  • Export result into Excel function

  • Support Non-member survey

  • Award Bonus Points to member who completed the survey


Event Module

  • Customizable event information and registration form

  • Support of sections and quota of event

  • Allow specify level of member to join event

  • Deduct or award Bonus Points


Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Allow you integration with your systems